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It all starts with the farmers ...Building relationships  while sourcing local farms insures Fairy Blood  is bottled with the freshest and highest quality of produce available on the market, giving you that true  "Farm To Bottle" flavorful experience!



After growing tired of concocting the same old Plain Jane Bloody Mary I felt the need to think outside the box and the desire to give the people what they deserved!  Bloody Mary’s tailored to their palate, a drink that allows the imagination to run wild with each and every sip! 



Gourmet Bloody Mary mixes can moonlight  as marinades, sauces, dips, soups etc...  Fairy Blood takes advantage of these multiple applications  by producing Craft Flavors capable of answering one of life’s toughest questions “What am I in the mood for?” When it comes to Fairy Blood you can choose your own adventure! Its a universal mix for every occasion breakfast, lunch, dinner or brunch you can truly have what you want!   

"So you got the fever for the" Flavors of the month...

Stay tuned for more flavors

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Pacific By NoRu

Main St Meats

Main St Meats


A fresh, balanced, coastal-inspired culinary experience that explores what local flavor truly is!

 394 Main st Ventura Ca


Main St Meats

Main St Meats

Main St Meats


Ventura’s premier butcher shop! With a focus on personal service and sustainable 

locally-sourced foods!

3049 E. Main Street in Ventura


Harvest Gathering Farm

Harvest Gathering Farm

Harvest Gathering Farm


Bringing the community together to enjoy the local bounty and harvest of our farmers.  


Spice Topia

Harvest Gathering Farm

Harvest Gathering Farm



Purveyor of Local Products, Spices, and Teas


Flavors from the bloody past

Caribbean Queen Mary

Caribbean Queen Mary

Caribbean Queen Mary

A refreshing island burst of ginger and mango!


Nuevo SoCal Fe

Caribbean Queen Mary

Caribbean Queen Mary

A beautiful combination of Cilantro Garlic Lemon y Lime

Bloody Good Recipes

The Bloody Soup Du Jour

The Bloody Soup Du Jour

The Bloody Soup Du Jour

  Give Fairy Blood some body and thicken it up with some starch…

In a separate bowl whisk a few tablespoons of starch into 2oz of Fairy Blood

 before whisking into the main pot, preventing the starch from clumping 

and helps it dissolve into Bloody Soup evenly 

 *Dice then Spice up your favorite vegetables with pepper, garlic, Sea Salt, 

*Bring main pot of Bloody soup to medium simmer add dissolved starch 

*Add Sautéed vegetables to main pot squeeze of lime, let simmer for 5min

make a grilled Cheese and dip It in it

Bloody Goody Chicken

The Bloody Soup Du Jour

The Bloody Soup Du Jour

*Works best in cast iron skillet

*Set oven or grill to 350 degrees 

*Season chicken breast with pepper, garlic, Sea Salt, oregano

*Lock in those juices by pan searing breast 3min per side and don’t forget to hit the sides 

*Lightly drizzle fairy blood over finished seared chicken 

*When oven or grill is ready Place seared chicken in oven for 45 min indirect heat on grill

*Lightly drizzle chicken with Fairy Blood every 15min 

*Remove chicken from oven when internal Temp reaches 


*Finish it off with a little lemon lime squeeze 

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Mr T knows what he needs to bring him Back to life after working out a little sip and you're fixed

Mr T, Ventura

The Three Amigos Philly

Christine M, Philly

Finally wised up and left that Flavorless Mrs T and found myself something truly refreshing! This is more than a mix its my fix... perfect for pre or post workout!

Fairy Blood Bloody Mix will have you feeling like a rockstar! Pop the top then you're ready to rock

Christine M, Philly

The Three Amigos Philly

Christine M, Philly

Don't have time to make it? All you gotta do is shake it, then just pop the top and you're ready to rock!! 

Finally able to agree on one thing fairy blood is bloody amazing

The Three Amigos Philly

The Three Amigos Philly

The Three Amigos Philly

After 65yrs of sibling rivalry we were finally able to agree on one thing... Fairy Blood Blood Mary Mix is Bloody amazing!!!

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Southern California but we've got wings so we're anywhere and everywhere !


24/7 We drink Fairy Blood we don't need sleep 

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